My family is planning for a holiday to Hong Kong. Should I bring my helper along? If not, where can I put her for the time we are overseas?

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I would personally bring my helper along for many reasons. It's going to be much more enjoyable for you and your family since you have an extra pair of hands to help you out. Kidnapping is a major concern during holidays so your helper can help look out for your kids. And also, it'd be a good reward/treat for your helper. Happy employee, happy boss.

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If you & your husband can handle your children without helper, I'll suggest that you don't bring helper along. Firstly, family time is precious and I think family can bond better without a 3rd party.Secondly, you can save money from not purchasing ️additional flight ticket. You can place your helper with your parents or in laws.

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It would be nice to bring along your helper. They probably don't get to go overseas much, and it would be a nice trip for her. She can also help you with the kids as well! :)