My breasts is sore and I have developed a high fever, what am I supposed to do?

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Likely you are having Mastitis. This is a painful condition of the breast, which becomes red, hot and sore (inflamed). Sometimes it becomes infected. Mastitis is common in breast-feeding women. It is usually treated with a course of antibiotics. It is best to try to continue to breast-feed if you have mastitis. Breast-feeding when you have mastitis will not harm your baby. The following measures may help to treat your mastitis without the need for antibiotics: Continue to breast-feed. This will empty the affected breast, and keeps the milk flowing. Feed on the affected side first, so it will empty well, for the next two or three feeds. (However, don't let the unaffected side become too full of milk.) After feeding, consider expressing from the affected side as well. This is to make sure the breast is emptied. Before feeding, massage your breast gently. Or apply heat with a warm flannel, heat pack or by having a warm shower. Ask your midwife or health visitor to check your breast-feeding technique, and to check that your baby is latching on well. If it is too painful to feed from the affected side, express the milk from that side with a breast pump. Try to eat well and drink plenty of fluid. However, if your symptoms become worse you should see a doctor. After talking to you and examining you, they may prescribe an antibiotic. The infection will usually clear within a few days of starting the antibiotic.

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