My baby is turning 6mo soon, Pls adv how should I start feeding her solids? THX:)

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We started with homemade cereal! Used a salt/coffee grinder to grind uncooked rice, then used mortar and pestle to make it more powdery. Then cooked the "powder" in breastmilk or water. We did brown rice for 3 days, white rice for 3 days, then oatmeal for 3 days (they need to be spaced out to check for allergic reactions). Then we went to steamed veggies (potatoes, carrots, peas, leafy veggies, etc) and mashed fruit. Next was protein - tofu, ground meat, fish (my daughter loves fish soup!)

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The first veggie that we gave to our baby was a teaspoon of boiled and mashed carrots. She didn't like it and only ate so little at first. We tried carrots for 3 days then we switch to squash for another 3 days then chayote and rice. We always mix the veggies with breast milk. Feeding your baby with solids needs a lot of patience.

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You can start off with rice cereal for convenience purpose. If you have time, puree would be good. Example you can make carrot puree and freeze it. Good to use it for a week. Most importantly, pls try only one type of food each time. Try it for a couple of days to a week to see if baby has any allergy reaction.

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u can also try looking up baby led weaning. it's fun being able to let them eat on their on. other than the mess, it's pretty fun! they can learn at the same time by feeling and touching different textures of food. and also motor skills. u can steam fruits until soft first for a start. :)

Any way you choose, just make sure to not introduce too many things at one time, just to watch out for any illergic reactions

Slowly start weaning her A lot of YouTube videos on bb first foods online

I started with 1 teaspoon of cereal in his bottle of milk 🙈