My baby has suddenly developed these terrible rashes all over his body. Pls help!!

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I agree that it looks like ringworm. It could also be hives, or what the hokkien call Hong Mo. If ringworm go see your pd for anti fungal cream. I recommend you go see Paedeatric dermatologist at NSC: prof giam yoke chin Otherwise dr chan yuin chew from gleneagles dermatology.

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This looks pretty bad, unlike anything I've ever seen. I think you should bring your baby to a doctor immediately. It could be an allergic reaction to something he ate.

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I agree with Samantha, please go see the doctor. This looks pretty serious. Is it itchy? Does your child have fever? It could be ring worms or eczema.

quickly consult a doctor and take note of any recent changes in diet, shampoo/shower cream, laundry detergent etc. Could be due to allergy too.

Yes I do agree with Samantha, hope you have seen a doctor and do keep a food log. Baby may be senstitive to the food you have taken.

My baby boy broke out the same way he has a doctor appointment tomorrow did you ever find out what was the cause?

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Oh dear. Please bring to see a doc immediately. It really look quite bad. It seems like hives to me though.

Hi! My baby got the same thing. What did the doctor said about it? Thank you.

I think u should consult the doctor and also check if he/she is reacting to something

My girl had that before - it was hives and took more than a month to clear.