My 7 month old baby previously was able to sleep through out the night (830pm to 530am). Recently she started to wake up every 2hr to 3hr, screaming and crying, wanting to be nursed. We tried to pat her, leave her crying.. She would continue crying for an hr plus till we decided to nurse her after crying for too long. What other things I can do to prevent her waking up too often and crying non-stop?

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Could your baby be going through a growth spurt? Growth spurts could take place within the first year at two, three and/or six weeks, at three months and/or at six months. It usually last for 2-3 days but could also go up to a week. During which your baby will feed more and would need less sleep (hence waking up more frequently at night or taking shorter naps). Other signs would include your baby appearing more restless and clingy. Growth spurts could also cause your baby to have bowel movements at night due to digestive changes. If your baby is indeed going through a growth spurt, you just need to be attentive to our baby’s cues for more milk or attention. And very importantly, take care of yourself. Drink more water and get as much rest as you could. Here’s an article on baby’s growth spurt:

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