My 2 year old has many sleep issues since we shifted to a new flat 6 months back. She was such a wonderful sleeper no issues. She now has very vivid dreams and says she is afraid. Terrors at times as well. She will not go to bed unless I sit outside her door till she falls asleep. She wakes up every night usually around the same time crying for me. Do you know what's going on?

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She's probably having trouble adjusting to a new environment. She might be young but children do notice changes to environment more than adults do. Getting used to a new place is stressful for adults, imagine how it feels for a little one. Perhaps you can sleep with her for the time being to reassure her that there is nothing to be afraid of. Alternatively, maybe decorate her room as close as possible to the old one so that she feels comfortable. I'm sure she will get used to the new place soon, just continue being patient and loving :)

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Could you try to find out more about what is bothering her? For example, probe her on what exactly is she afraid of? Acknowledge and address her fears will likely help. Like what Yuna suggested, she is likely having some difficulties adjusting to the new environment. Therefore, listening to her and think of ways to help her get over her fear. Will leaving a small bedside lamp help? Or perhaps playing soft music in the background as she goes to bed? Hope she sleeps better soon!

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Maybe she is not used to the new place and she is afraid of sleeping alone maybe for a start sleep with her make her love her room and slowly put a night light by her bedside so she won't be afraid of the dark! My son is Afraid of the dark and whenever he wake up he will cry if he see nobody around him

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i remember my dad sits at my room door every night, telling me bedtime stories and waiting for me to sleep until I'm in primary school. but i did not wake up in the middle of the night though... i guess your daughter need some time to get used to the new environment

2 year old toddlers have a lot of imaginations. Sometime they are afraid of things. just talk to her that she is safe and nothing to worry. Do it everyday