My 13 month baby still wakes up for night feed. How to get her to sleep through the night?

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I think she will take her own time for that. One cannot prepone this period according to what our convenience. I am sure you must be feeding her well before she dozes off, so to make things easier for you, all you can do is, keep all the things ready for her milk by your bedside. Keep an electric kettle where you have already kept warm water. So, as the baby wakes up, you can quickly make milk for her. And if she is breastfeeding, you just have to latch her. I know it must be disturbing but it is way more convenient than the bottle fed scenario. And do not worry, as she grows up, she will on her own sleep through the night and wouldn't wake up for feed.

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You can try to feed more during the daytime to make sure baby is fuller during night sleep. Normally my kids will tend to wake up for night feeds. if didn't eat much during daytime. If you are doing latching, it is possible that baby is looking to suck for comfort. 13months is the age when baby feeling high separation anxiety.

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Hi Mummy, is your child on bottle or breast? How many times does she wake up? My boy still wakes occasionally to feed once. I gave him a dream feed at around 12am and he usually is able to sleep through till 7am. He's on bottle. If it's breast, sometimes its comfort latching so that will take more effort to wean off.

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my elder one was doing the same around this age, so i started feeding her a last time when i was about to fall asleep. it would generally be around late at night, hours into her sleep already. try doing it, as it can help her sail through to morning without waking up.

I had the same problem. It might be a step in the wrong direction but I've usually just take her out of her cot and have her on the bed with me. She'll cry for a bit longer, but doesn't take more than 10 mins to go back to bed and sleep through the rest of the night.