How do I get my 16 month to sleep through the night. She wakes up twice every night screaming for milk

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At this age, she is probably used to night feeds, not so much due to hunger. How does she go to bed at night? Does she need her milk to sleep? If so, she associates sleeping with milk. Hence when she wakes up in the middle of the night, she will be looking for milk to go back to sleep. You'll need to change her sleep association with something else, probably a bolster or a blankie or a pacifier..... It won't happen overnight and you'll have to be very patient and consistent. Mine is still happy with her pacifier, still wondering when a good time is to change that...

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Thanks everyone. Tonight I let her cry it out for 20 minutes and then she realized I was not coming to give her milk so she fell back asleep. I also gave her a scoop of yoghurt before bed time, so that probably kept her full for longer.

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Try offering some solids 1hr before bed. it will help to keep her fuller so she can sleep slightly longer. If she does wakes up one more time in the night. increase the milk dosage. So she can drink more and sleep better

increase the bed time milk feeds. usually they will be fuller and able to sleep longer at night