Bring baby out?

Hi mums, it's phase 2 now. Will you bring your baby out? Since they can't wear mask, what can we do to protect them when we are out?

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unlikely will bring out unless for vaccination or visiting grandparents

Open air places should be ok. Outdoors. Try not to go to indoors for now, like shopping malls, those places with lotsof ppl.

How young is your baby, and where do u intend to bring LO?

Super Mum

I still don't feel safe will try avoid.

3mo ago

I think baby health safety is more important to me. We can bring them out whenever we want when the virus is almost cleared. There's no right or wrong. After all the parents make the decision

I still try not to Why risk it They are still so young

3mo ago

But baby will always be stuck at home, no chance to see outside world

Try not to. I ban my 17 mths son from going out shopping and restaurant this year. Unless really no choice like previously brought him out cut hair, i put pram raincoat over pram. At least can do some protection...

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Super Mum

Go to open air areas that are not crowded. Places where people eat/talk/shout are probably more dangerous