cant eat healthy food

Hi mums! Ever since i got pregnant,i just despise fruits and vegetables. I cant swallow them. What do i do??

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Same as me. The smell of veg is like puke to me. I try to eat fruits instead and cut up vegs like spinach into very tiny pieces and mix with something, that way i dont smell it - i guess. Put some sauces too haha

During my first trimester I can't eat vegetables. I mainly survive on Bee hoon soup and porridge. 2nd trimester I manage to eat veg.

Same here but only during first trime! So try to eat apples? I ate lots of apples and it helps 😉

If u are worry about baby not getting enough nutrients, take in more milk for pregnancy.

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You can buy fibre pills to balance off the lack of fibre. :) maybe u try juicing it?

You can try adding sauces to it.

Add some sauces to them.

Just eat what u cra ing

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Fruit juices?

Im struggling here too. Everything, veggies, meat, noodles, even water i throw up everything. I throw up 3x a day the most too. I just kept telling myself that it will get better after first tri :) hang in there