Any mummy take duphaston ? Is duphaston ("AN TAI YAO") ? Do your Gynae prescribe that during early pregnancy ?

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Yes, its generally used to stabilise the pregnancy and to stop the spotting! started on it since we are pregnant till now 10 weeks. Doc just advised to finish what we have and stop ard 12 weeks then start on obimin and fish oil.

Yes, it's 安胎药。 It's normally given to mummies to be who unfortunately have had miscarriages before or if it's a high risk pregnancy (eg.高龄产妇) to help stabalise during first trimester!

My understanding is it is a synthetic form of progesterone (the hormone that u need to maintain your pregnancy). Was given this in first trimester by Dr due to threatened miscarriage.

Yup my gynae prescribe it to me when I had spotting. And asked me to stop taking after a while cause my nausea is getting very bad 😅

Yes..i was given duphaston during my first trimester.. to stabilize the pregnancy as i had quite bad cramps at 15 weeks..

Yes I did. Took from week 27 onwards as I starting bleeding due to low placenta. Only stopped in the morning before my csect

My gynae prescribed for me at first consult upon hearing that I have PCOS as he was afraid that I would miscarry.

Yes, my gynae prescribed for me to start immediately once I saw him to confirm my pregnancy at week 6-7.

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I have history of multiple miscarriages so I was prescribed duphaston from 6 weeks until 36 weeks.

Yes took it during first trimester together with folic as i have miscarriage before.