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Hello mummies, I’m having my first pregnancy and now it’s almost week 20. Expecting a baby boy but my bump seems rather small. Is it normal? Worried baby don’t have much space inside my womb. Any idea to what to eat/drink/do for a normal size?

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Hi there, No need to worry, i also had a very small baby bump at week 20. And all came out ok in anatomy scan. Hopefully You will have your week 20 anatomy scan soon. In that scan they measure the baby weight as well. Baby will be within normal range only. IF there will be anything to be taken care of, your gynae will catch it and will advise you accordingly. Just have your balanced meals, have fruits, drink enough water and you are all good.

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11mo ago

Thank you :) i will drink more and eat more 😝

Congrats mommy! I’m a first time mom at Week 19 now and my bump is quite small too. Check in with your gynae if you’re worried! My gynae advised during my scan yesterday that it’s perfectly normal to have a small bump ☺️

11mo ago

Great! Congrats to you too :) I will check with my gynae during next visit.

Dont need to worry so much unless gynae raise a concern. Only in my last trimester then my bump start to be more obvious. I dun even take much carbs but baby is growing fast.

11mo ago

Its also my first pregnancy. Worse is i have GD and my baby keeps falling on the bigger side when I dont really take much carbs

my colleagues only saw my bump at 24weeks. now at 30 weeks my bump is so heavy 😫 as long as baby is healthy then is fine. u will miss ur small bump soon haha

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:) don’t worry our body will adjust to according to our baby hence it make some space .. u can see it soon , happy motherhood

normally you'll start to see your bump after 24weeks

do not worry