Exhausted from pumping

Hi mummies I'm a ftm at 22.. and I'm exclusively pumping bc i couldnt get the hang of latching my LO on and i was getting frustrated so i opted for bottle feeding n pumping. I'm getting very tired from the pumping!! and because of being so tired i do miss my pumping time and end up with engorgement... which rly hurts!!!!! and now i find myself having to pump every 1.5h - 2h which leaves me with little to no sleep/rest... any advice from mummies? also any idea how to slow down my milk production?? and stop engorgement??

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Super Mum

Hi, I can relate, it wasn't easy at first to latch baby for me too. Baby's mouth was too small, always closed and she was always sleeping and unwilling to cooperate. At first I had to pump + syringe feed for 2 weeks which was so so troublesome and tiring. But you need to keep trying and trying. It's as much an exercise for you as it is for your baby. After a few days or weeks you and baby will get a hang of it. And there's always the option of going to a lactation consultant with baby, they can help find a good position and exercise to train baby's sucking. My baby now can latch while half asleep lol.

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