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Hi Mummies, Im currently 8week coming 9weeks pregnant, told by a doctor as per my last menses date, however my first Gynae visit will be in 4 weeks time. Which makes me 12 to 13weeks pregnant. Is it normal to do the ultrasound this late? Or should i find a clinic to do my first ultrasound first while waiting for my hospital appointment at NUH? Any mummies that have gave birth in NUH too? Please share your experience with me too. Is the waiting time long for labour?

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Gynae will based your pregnancy on your LMP but do take note that it is not confirmed how many weeks you are until you do your 1st ultrasound cos LMP is always not accurate even if you have a regular period. You might be less than 12 wks or later than that when you do your ultrasound so no need to worry but start on your folic acid now. I got my 1st pre natal appt 4 weeks later too @ NUH and if based on my LMP, I was supposed to be 11 weeks but based on ultrasound I was only 10 weeks pregnant. I'm currently 34 weeks and will be delivering there for the 2nd time. Labour time varies for every individuals. Depends on how fast your cervix can dilate. Usually for FTMs, labour will be longer but again it varies.

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Thank you for your sharing! Good luck in your labour😍😍