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As I want to do normal ultrasound instead of transvaginal ultrasound (which i hate). Is it too early for first visit to gynae at Week 6? #advicepls

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I didn’t know I was 3 weeks pregnant and during my first visit to gynae, doc couldn’t find anything in my womb using ultrasound and vaginal scan so he took blood test to confirm my pregnancy. Because it could either be ectopic pregnancy or it’s too early to detect anything in the womb because baby is too tiny. After couple of days I was informed by doc that I am only 3-4 wks pregnant and I was asked to come back for another scan 2 wks later. This time doc suggested to straight away do vaginal scan and I finally found my baby inside my womb and doc confirmed that I’m only 5 wk pregnant. He asked me to come back for another scan on following month which I will be 9 wks pregnant. :) Personally I feel week 6 is just nice for your first visit to gynae but most likely u need to do a vaginal scan.. The gynae I went to had a lot of good google reviews and located near Jurong Clementi town council. You can check them out too if you are a westie. Hope it helps! :)

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I went for my first appt for baby scan at 5w 4d! I had an abdominal scan, and I’m a plus size. Do bear in mind that early stages are quite literally difficult to confirm the age of baby. Why I say this was because on my 2nd appt 4 weeks later, doc said I was already 11 weeks actually. After that it changed again so don’t be too concerned. As long as baby is growing healthily you don’t have to worry so much. Maybe you can wait another week or two if you haven’t gone already. Note that you posted this about 1 week ago. Hope you had an abdominal scan to see your lil bub! 😍

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Actually i did a normal ultrasound at 6w! :) I was supposed to be >7wks along according to LMP, so gynae tried abdominal ultrasound straightaway. But i have irregular periods and acc to my gynae, i probably conceived late and was actually only 6w along. Anyway she still could confirm that it was a viable pregnancy as she could see the sac etc. Came back 2 weeks later at 8w to hear the heartbeat, also via normal abdominal ultrasound :)

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Yes too early and the ultrasound will be via vaginal. You may also not see or hear your fetus heartbeat yet and that will add on to your worries (some may see & hear, some may not). Wait a little bit. Best is between 8-10 weeks that's when everything is more clearer.

Went at week 6 cause i was so excited after testing and it was vaginal scan. Actually its not painful or uncomfortable, so if youre excited then go for it first! If still want to avoid then better to go at week 8 :)

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Early stage is definitely transvaginal ultrasound. Abdominal ultrasound hard to see. But would be good you still go to your gynae early though. Edd is most accurate when scan is done around 8 weeks of pregnancy

It’s better to go early to gynae to check on your baby.. Normal ultrasound won’t be able to detect much hence they have to scan through your vaginal to check on your baby..

Too early. If you really only want abdominal ultrasound, you can consider going at 11-12 weeks instead. 7-10 weeks is likely to be vaginal ultrasound.

I went to kkh at 6 weeks and underwent normal ultrasound! :)