Diagnosed with gestational diabetes

Hello all mummies, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Is there any recipe that is suitable for pregnant lady? I am having a hard time cutting carbs and I get giddy often. Any remedies ?

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Hi, Im also diagnosed with GD. My diabetes doc told me to cut 50% usual intake of carbo and increase ur protein(meat) & veggie . You can also switch to Low GI carbo (eg: brown rice, pasta, mee sua etc). I eat alot of protein and veggie so I don’t get hungry. Once hungry, can drink milk, or eat yoghurt , nuts etc.

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I usually have oatmeal, boiled egg and low fat milk in the morning and had stew like chicken or pork stew with green leafy veggies for lunch and dinner. You can have half cup of brown rice so you wont feel hungry. For snack, you can try avocado.

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I got GD too. Went through a one day course at kkh to learn about diet. They even have recommended menu. Basically lots of wholemeal stuffs, brown rice, egg, low fat milk.

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I am diagnosed with GDM too. I still eat normally but only half bowl of carbo and try to have you last meal early. I also add like 30 minutes walk a day.

Try to avoid japanese rice. It shot my number sky high than usual normal thai rice. I eat brown rice until now.

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used to have GD also. i eat alot of veggies and drink more plain water. eat healthy .

avoid flour stuff, sugary drink or food and fried stuff too.

Hi, Try having more green leafy vegetables in your diet

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Are you still taking red meat and vegetables?

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Probably not enough iron that’s why giddy

Take more protein and veggies