Cystectomy during 3rd Trimester

Hi mummies I underwent open cystectomy due to the ovarian cyst torsion 2 weeks ago @ my week 32. I’m thankful baby is still in my womb. Any of you went through the same emergency surgery during pregnancy to remove cysts and can share how long does it take for the pain from the surgery to be gone or at least feel better?

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Hi Mummy T, are you feeling better now? I'm due for open cystectomy next week and my pre op test is 2 days before it. My mind is running wild as I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant. I haven't got to chat much with doctor about complications and pain management afterwards. Would you mind sharing more about your experience?

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2y ago

Thank you for your words of comfort ❤

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Hi... Depending on your health at the time of the surgery, the typical process for initial wound healing can take on average about six days:

3y ago

I still feel the soreness and have to rely on paracetamol now. :( although the hospitalisation leave is a month, I wonder if it’s normal to feel the soreness at the removed cyst area till delivery. I was told that the difference of having the cystectomy during this period of the pregnancy is baby is moving and kicking around so the tummy won’t be able to rest and recover as per someone who has the open surgery not during pregnancy.

Did you have a c-sect done or you were able to go for normal birth?

9mo ago

Oh wow. You had a cystectomy at 32weeks and then went for normal birth ??

Which hospital was this May I ask?