Baby Bump ??

Hi mummies, How far were you when your bump is visible? I'm on my 10th week and I'm not sure if it's my bump that's showing or food :')

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on my 10th week too and honestly idk isit a bump or just my fats hahahahaha LOL :’)

Depending on your body too.. Not all 2nd trimester can see those bump.. Just enjoy the pregnancy 😊

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thats how i feel in my first preg! my second is, around second trimester :)

4month plus for me. 10 week still to early, u could just be bloated only.

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Hehe. 10 weeks a little early. Mine only pop at 21 weeks.

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5-6 months onwards. Before that just look fat 😥

Starting 14 weeks! Just a small one tho. Haha

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Mine showed after 20 weeks

Mine was at 2nd tri

Second trimester