Vomiting while switching from breastmilk to formula

Hi mummies, Did any of your baby experience vomiting while drinking formula milk when you first switched from fully breastmilk to a mixture of breastmilk + formula milk? Currently my baby vomits at almost every feed (sometimes more, sometimes lesser) when I’m feeding her a bottle of thawed breastmilk + formula milk mix together. Getting pretty worried! 🙁

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my lo was jaundiced but doctors wasn’t sure what the cause of it was, they suspected it was breastmilk jaundice n asked us to try feeding formula for 1-2feeds per day for a week n then we’ll know. so we did, we fed her formula at 7weeks old n she vomited immediately afterward, like really vomit, even came out of her nose. we brought her back to doctor the next day n they told us that it’s not really a big deal if vomit comes out of baby nose when they vomit (not spit up), u can google about this as i don’t remember what they said. anyway, she didn’t like formula at all. so i only fed another 3-4times n stopped but she vomitted 3times

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2y ago

Thank you!

My baby had this vomiting also when I have to stop bf temporary due to medication. He vomited and milk came out from his nose. It was a scary experience to us. Not sure what's the problem. maybe he drank too fast or due to gassy stomach. Make sure to burp your baby if he is bottle fed

2y ago

Sure! Thank you!

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My guess is that your baby vomits due to the thawed breast milk. Have you done a smell and taste check? Some babies don’t like thawed breast milk. If not, have you tried changing formula?

2y ago

She’s been on thawed breastmilk for months. It’s only recently we tried to mix in formula milk because the frozen milk is running out

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I didnt mix breastmilk and FM last time. My son sometimes would puke when the BF is not nice (he still preferred fresh breastmilk). For FM, he vomit when drink too much

2y ago

Ah I see! Thank you!

Try not mixing bm and formula Maybe bb is not used to fm If this continues should consider changing brand as it may not be suitable

I don’t think you can mix bm with fm, maybe you can try giving bm then next feed fm.. see how it goes??

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How old is she?

2y ago

14.5m, my friend!