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Can I mix breast milk with formula milk in a bottle for feeding? TIA

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Yes of course. For me I will warm up chilled BM to room temp while also preparing the formula in his bottle. Aft tt pour the BM into the formula. U may need to adjust the proportion accordingly. My boy usually drinks 210ml and if I only have 90ml BM, I'll prepare 120ml formula. Anw I was adviswd to mix BM and FM because my boy rejects my BM in the bottle even tho he's fine breastfeeding. Suspect I have high lipase milk so the taste is kinda metallic aft freezing it. If ur baby is fine with taking ur BM on its own, it's best to let him/her have BM first and then top up with formula in a separate bottle as this allows for mom's good nutrients/antibodies to be retained better as opposed to mixing with FM.

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9mo ago

Ard 3 months

I will feed separately in 2 bottle