Baby bath routine

FTM here, what do i do after baby’s bath? What things should i apply on newborn’s body/face etc like baby lotion, baby oil/telon etc? And do we swaddle them after their skin/bodycare and clothes ? Can mummies let me know 😅 #firsttimemom

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dry baby’s body well, baby lotion to moisturize, diaper cream to prevent rash, hair oil if you believe in using it. depending on your living environment if it’s too hot, wear short sleeved romper and a thin swaddle. likewise if it’s air conditioned, can wear long sleeve romper and swaddle. the swaddle is just to keep baby in a safe position and protect them from startle reflex.

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My grandma says not to apply lotion or powder during the first month. Then no ru yee oil before umbilical cord falls out. I apply calendula cream to his face after shower cos he always breaks out in heat rash ( I already let him wear short sleeve onesie and on aircon.)

12mo ago

Which brand of calendula cream? Is it california baby?