Automated yaolan/spring cot

Hello mummies, Anybody have experience using automated yaolan? Baby need to be shaken during naps in the day now, unless fall asleep deeply. If stopped shaking, will fidget and fuss. Is it difficult to wean off the yaolan/ automated rocking? Also, will this cause any issue at night if usually he deep sleep and we carry him to cot and sleep?

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no, she's not dependent on yaolan. we trained her that night time she will sleep on the bed. that was from 3-7mos. 8mos onwards she sleeps on either crib or bed only. my bb now is 11mos.

1y ago

Thank you

hi. i was using automatic yaolan for my baby at daytime and co-sleep with us at night. no issue.

1y ago

Hi, is your baby used to yaolan? Mine doesnt allow us to carry and rock/pat him to sleep. Worry if go polyclinic for vaccine and he wants to sleep, difficult to make him sleep. How old is your bb now?