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Hi mummies, in need of help. Really want to train my boy to sleep on the bed instead of yaolan. I am planning to send him to playgroup once 18 months & I'm pretty sure they don't yaolan them to sleep. My boy has been using the yaolan since 9 months till now almost 13 months. Previously we used tula to carry him to sleep then put down once asleep. He used to go IFC when 4 months but kept falling sick (i know its normal) so MIL insisted she takecare of him instead. So we withdrew him. Afterwhich, as both hubby and I return to work, she didn't want to struggle with putting him to sleep so she used tula. But again insisted we buy yaolan because her back started to ache. Please help :( Thank you!

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Super Mum

Maybe start by swinging your son in your arms and patting him.. then put him on the bed when he is asleep. Then gradually stop swinging but continue patting. Eventually the patting can stop too. It’s going to take some time to adjust but can be done! Jia you!