Pain around groin area

Mummies , do ya'll experience pain around yr inner groin/thigh (near yr miss V) during yr third trimester? Pain scale for me is a 6 out 10 and it kinda makes me hard to walk normally. Need to waddle like a duck ?? Is this pain normal as we're nearing our EDD or should i bring it up to gynae on my next check up?

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I had it too.. pubic symphysis dysfunction. My pain sometimes went up to 8/10, so I feel for you. It’s quite terrible sometimes. There’s nothing much to do, except take paracetamol when it’s really bad. For me, the pain reduced significantly after giving birth but only went away completely 5 weeks pp. Please take care!

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It’s because.. baby’s pressure more at lower area .. it’s common before delivery .. as bBy yin breeching position n it’s the most difficult part .. tc

Am experiencing the same thing now - at week 30. Feeling like a penguin as I move ard now 🥺

2y ago

😞😞 is yr pain one sided? Mine is more to my right side

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Best to consult your gynaecologist asap take care!