Hi mummies with 1 yo babies, can share your helper's work schedule? It's my first time hiring a helper and she is coming on Tuesday! TIA!

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hmm.. it depends on whether you intend for your helper to look after your baby or simply focus on household chores. My brother-in-law's family only requires their maid to attend to the household chores and cooking meals for the family (except baby). They preferred to handle all baby-related tasks themselves. So, what they did was that they gave their helper a list of household chores that needs to be completed. Some of the chores are performed daily and some are done on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis. Apart from stating what time lunch and dinner need to be ready, they do not specify the order in which the chores need to be completed and left that up to their helper's planning. Some tips they shared are to communicate clearly to your helper. Set the ground rules from the start. Also, do not assume that your helper knows how to do the task (or perform the task the way you prefer). Thus, always demonstrate how you would like things done (and be prepared to remind her since it does take time to get used to a new way of doing things). Not sure if this is useful for you but all the best!! Hope it will be a good start for both you and your helper!! :)

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Hi, I have a helper and mil at home with my baby. My helper's tasks are mainly to care for my baby's needs like cook for her meals, bathe and play with her. Morning before baby wakes up, helper will finish her morning household chores like sweeping, mopping, boiling water, eaten her bf etc. once baby is up, she will make cereal for her, then play then bathe her, play and place her for morning nap. After that, cook lunch for mil, herself and baby. When baby is up, rest for a while before lunch, wash up, play, short pm nap. Helper to sweep and mop house again, prepare dinner for all. Then baby wakes up for fruits, play till dinner, wash up. I will be home then.

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Will helper be primarily Looking after baby? Or is there housework/chores involved? Are you a working mum or will you also be at home with the little one? Is baby at infant care or at home?