On your helper's off day, what time does she leave and what time does she return? My helper comes back in the afternoon despite me telling her that she can stay out till evening! :)

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She often prefers to stay home. She typically only heads out if she needs to send money, buy top up, has a craving for some food or other that we don't usually have at home, or run other chores. Between 10am and 6 pm is the time frame she's usually out. From a guidelines standpoint - I ask her to make coffee and cut up some fruits before she leaves and I've asked her to be home by 9pm as a general rule and to otherwise let me know if she's delayed for any reason, but she almost never is out that late.

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My previous helper left home at about 12noon and comes back slightly before 8pm. She has friends around the neighbourhood so they usually pool money to take cab back from town or wherever they come from.

9 am to 8 pm. She helps bathe baby, make me breakfast and walk the dog before going. And when she comes home she helps look after baby while I eat dinner.