Infant care transition

Can mummies who send their baby to infant care share on how you cope the transition? I am having separation anxiety each time i send my baby to infant care. I am starting work next week and I’ve been crying the whole day when my baby is in infant care.

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I’m sending my 4mths babygirl next week and am already having the anxiety, not to mention the tons of worry too! Lots of questions in my head - will she drink her milk, will she sleep, will she be crying murder everytime, etc. I get emotional just counting down the days that I’ll be sending her to infant care. My husband said I’m overreacting.. I’m only returning to work in Dec so I have a month to get used to the transition. No doubt, I think most working mummies who send their baby to infant care have that mum guilt but we have no choice but to continue working to help with the finances. I have mummy friends telling me that baby will eventually adapt in infant care and we don’t have to worry so much. I think it’s only normal we feel emotional being separated from our baby even if it’s for a few hours. Things will get better over time. We’ll get through this! :)

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2y ago

Thank you! Let’s get through this! The first 3 days was the toughest! My baby barely took naps :(