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Hi mummies.. i am thinking between sending my baby to infant care or to in-laws when i go back to work next time. Can experienced mamas share what are the activities done in infantcare? Say 6-12m old. I know below 6 months is almost impossible to have any activities as baby will just sleep most of the time 😅 I want to send to infant care as i dont like the way my in laws take care of my 1st born. But hubby is not agreeable to infant care as he says that own grandma will always care better than outsider. Sighs.

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Super Mum

Okay truth be told I’m not fond of IFCs but I can also empathise as I felt the same way with my firstborn. I hired a helper whom I could trust for my second and third. Frankly, it’s tough finding a good IFC - they should be able to engage baby and stimulate her senses. That’s what I look out for - them talking to the babies, the artwork on the walls, what’s the schedule like, how the Teachers are, etc. Otherwise, I prefer keeping my children in the home which makes them less anxious too.

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In laws take care differently like IFC. My nephews are in IFC and they have right brain programs, crafts, music, and are well taken care of. Baby start young with right brain is very good. And IFC includes baby spa too. They grew up smart! And they are not scared of strangers.

IFC and no regrets. I wanted the grandparents to take care initially. But they’re all busy. So we no choice put at IFC. And thank god we did. Not very sure if the activities are the same for all school. But I remember mine had like painting activities.

I let my mother to take care my baby

3y ago

i would if i could 😔