baby crying from sleep and in consolable

My baby is 4 months old. Has been crying from his sleep at night after putting him to sleep.( usually yhis happen within 30mins after he fall asleep) He can wake up crying And the crying is the inconsolable type. And eill take some time for us to csrry snf rock him before he calm down Anyone know the reason? Is this like what old folks ususlly say baby got frightened? Or due to sleep regression or overtired? What should i do to prevent this

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Baby might be crying due to colic or indigestion. Apply naturally made mamaearth tummy roll on which effectively reduces gas and gives relief from stomach ache and bloating. Its free of chemicals and safe to used on babys delicate skin


Should be humbin play too much during the day or got frighten. I gave my baby the jing feng shan since she 1 month cos she very timid always get shock abit noise shock or cry loudly suddenly so far it got better.

can give ridwind drop in the milk and then put 2-3 drops of ruyi oil onto yr palm ,rub it then apply on the baby stomach and place beansprout husk pillow on the stomach

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Perhaps your baby has stomach discomfort? Colic?

could be due to overtired or maybe colic