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Hi mummies who bottle feed, I’ve been using Pigeon 0+ months Twin pack (comes with teat SS size) to bottle feed my baby with ebm since birth. He’s 2mo now and recently been crying and struggling when feeding. Idk why and am wondering if it’s becos the milk flow has become too slow for him and he’s frustrated. Should I change the teat to S size now? When do youall usually first upsize the teat?

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Ya time to upsize. I was using pigeon SS test and my LO gets very agitated when she drinks and will complain too. I also have the S teat on another pigeon bottle which she drinks fine so I just bought n changed all to S teat last week. She just turned 7 weeks btw.

2y ago

Check for signs if he's struggling with the flow, like sucking v fast or choking? Is he spitting up milk thereafter? How long does he take to finish the bottle?