When to change bottle teat size

Those mummies who’s using avent natural for their newborn, when do you change the teat to another level? Currently using the first smallest teat, when do i change to the next size, size 1? And how do i know if baby is ready or want a faster flow? My baby is coming to a month old. #FTM

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It depends on whether you’re feeding formula or bm. My LO was on bm so she only switched to size 1 at 5mo. Skipped size 2 and switched to Size 3 at 12mo, then size 4 till now (22mo, on formula). If baby is taking too long to finish a bottle (like every feed), it’s time to upsize 😊.

You don’t have to change just because it’s said so on the box. I waited for my baby’s cue, eg, easily frustrated when drinking. And I have 5 bottles, so I changed one first to see if it helps and whether baby is drinking smoothly from it.

Wait for baby’s cue. My baby is 2 months old and still using 0M+ teats. You will notice baby drinking slower and slower and start to get very tired of sucking the teat then you know it’s time to change to a faster one 😅

Depends on the age of your baby or whenever baby's ready. For newborn will be 0 then 1 month later will be next teat size. Then Ill change to next size whenever ready or whenever baby prefer faster flow.

I change my LO’s teat at 3month old. I introduce to him in the day time when he is most awake