no kicks yet at 18 weeks

hello mummies. which weeks does you experience ur baby first kicks ? mine just turn 18 weeks and didnt feel any yet ☹️ this is my first pregnancy & i cant wait to feel it

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Hi! I’m a FTM too. I started feeling flutters around 18-19W but I’m not sure what is that and gynae told me it is baby’s kick. I started to feel and confirmed kicks at around 22weeks. Since then I’ve been feeling it everyday and it gets stronger. Don’t worry, mama!

each of us is different. some experience earlier while some experience late. for me, as of 28 weeks, not much kicks like most mommy but occasionally can feel some pain. so long bb is good from each scan, it shd b OK

I’m FTM too, week 18. At this time i feel only faint twitches little below my belly button. They have been more frequent and more recognisable recently. I’m assuming that those are my little bubs kicks only..

First time mom's usually feel it later. My first strong kick was in week 20. But it depends on individual mom 😊 don't worry you will feel it soon ❤️

normally FTM will feel the kicks/movement around 20weeks or later. sometimes also depends, dont worry when the time comes you'll feel it❤

20 weeks onwards u probably feel the kick or little wave inside ur tummy


me too first time pregnancy also waited till wk 22 to feel the kick.

I waited till week 22 before I can feel baby kick.