Little Baby kicks

Hi, currently I’m at week 18 ish. Have any of you experience the baby kicks yet? Sometimes out of the sudden, I will get some little kicks in the tummy, such a fascinating feel 🙂

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Super Mum

Hey Angie, What an amazing feeling! Your baby’s kicks are going to get stronger as he grows bigger. Counting kicks is also a way to make sure baby is ok. There’s also a kick counter on the app. Here’s an article!

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I just hit 19 weeks today and i haven't felt any kicks yet 😅 i have been feeling abdominal pains or muscle stretches from evening onwards so I'm assuming it's just my baby stretching inside

Hello Angie, yes i first felt it at week 16 and it really felt amazing! It’s more obvious after week 20, love feeling and seeing baby kicks 😍

I experienced my baby’s first kicks at week 18 too! Just little flutters but my husband only managed to feel at week 20 on Father’s Day!


i first experienced around 18 weeks too. wait for kicks to get stronger 😍