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Hello Mummies, when should i apply for baby bonus? As im due in Jan 2020 . Do it before or after deliver is better?

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Super Mum

There’s this new app: Moments of life You can download it now. Then once you give birth the hospital will give you this birth registration number. When you reach your ward and are well rested, you can do a 3-in-1... use the app to apply for birth cert, baby bonus, baby’s library card. Super convenient, and you don’t need to fill in any paper forms:) Thereafter, the completion of the processes for baby bonus will be sent in links via your email address, so check that. Once done, they’ll credit the money in, and also automatically set up a child’s savings acct (at least for POSB, not sure about the rest), plus mail you the baby bonus card etc. I didn’t even need to physically go down to the bank for anything.

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Super Mum

Yes. You can apply now

Yes can