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Quick question about baby bonus. 1. When can i apply for baby bonus? can apply after birth? (Due in 4 weeks time) 2. Can i apply for baby's birth cert together with baby bonus at KKH? 3. What documents are needed to apply? 4. Can i apply baby bonus (to be eligible for cash gift) after i get my married cert (marriage was postponed due to Circuit Breaker) ? 5. When is the latest to register for both birth cert & BB ? (14 days after birth or anytime after birth?) Thanks in advance lovelies!

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The details of the baby bonus are in here:) Essentially, you should register the birth within 14 days of giving birth, although the government gives a maximum of 42 days. The most convenient way to register birth/apply for baby bonus is to use the Moments of Life app. You can do everything at one shot after your baby’s born. You will need to be legally married to get the baby bonus, so it’s best to at least register the marriage first if possible, even if you delay the wedding.

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You can register for your baby birth cert through an app : Moment of Life. This app will allow you to apply for baby bonus and library member at the same time. As for collection, you just select kk hospital. And you can make payment and collect the birth cert on the spot.

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U can pre register for baby bonus 8 months prior to EDD and yes you will need your marriage cert.

4y ago

8 weeks. not months

birth cert within 14 days, baby bonus before 12yrs