baby bonus

do you apply before delivery or after delivery ? it stated that you can apply as early as 8 weeks before EDD. if before delivery... what documents do they need ? marriage certificate but no birth certificate yet thou. im confused and it also stated that it will be automatically bank it 7 - 14 days after the application? not when the baby is out meh??

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We applied after baby was born. Unsure of the documents needed though. My husband did everything cause I was too busy with baby. I’m sure they will take 1-2 weeks to bank in. After you applied, they need time to process the application. Also take note, they don’t give you 8k one shot. It will be done in stages.

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U can only apply 8weeks prior to edd if u are married n have marriage cert, otherwise have to wait for baby out n birth cert done then can apply. 7-14 days is AFTER birth cert is done no matter whether u apply before or after baby out

It took a week to create the bank account for the bb but i am not sure why they didn't bank in money into bb account yet. any idea?

They will only disburse it after you have collected the birth certificate 😅

I do it after delivery