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Hi there, have u given birth yet n also are u married? This additional 3k is only for married parents btw. U can apply for baby bonus online, up to 8weeks before your EDD but will only receive the baby bonus cash gifts + CDA after your baby is born n birthcert is done. Or u can just apply after your baby birthcert is done, will take about 2weeks+/- before the account is activated regardless of which route u choose

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10mo ago

its automatically will be in

Once you applied for the baby bonus scheme, the additional $3k will be auto. They will send you a letter if your child is eligible. I received a letter for my second born as he is eligible and no need to worry... they will message you when they deposit the cash

7mo ago

Oh no… I received it too for my 3rd child

gave birth on 3 sep. received a letter about the additional $3k u are asking. yes, it is on top of the additional $8k govt is giving

1y ago

received 14days later. auto but u have to use singpass to apply cda account for ur newborn


just use Lifesg app. very easy

1y ago

now can apply? my edd is on November