Dettol to wash baby's items?

Hi mummies, is it safe to use dettol mixed with water to wash baby items, toys or clean the cot? Or is there anything that's baby safe to use to disinfect their stuff? Thanks!

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Dettol is not baby safe though it’s good when it comes to disinfecting. There are a lot of baby safe disinfectant out in the market. Example in the screenshot.

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1y ago

Thanks for this!

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Not safe. Can use young living thieves house hold product ! Can message me if interested !

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probably safer using those especially designated for delicate babies skin

Check out Mama's choice disinfectant spray. $12.90 for 500ml on shopee.

I’ve been using GK-Germkiller disinfectant

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no, better use baby safe ones


I use baby safe disinfectant

I use it to clear toys