cant help feeling mil as a competitor

Hi mummies what do you guys do to handle the feeling that your mil is a competitors for your child. While iappreciate her help in taking care of babybut given that she is a motherly figure makes me feel like she is a competitor. And it doesnt help that i will be going back to work soon. The time spend evyday will be somuch lesser than my mil with baby. Now im having my ML but she just doesnt understand that i need some personal time with baby. Sometime she is there and i find it hard to bond with baby with her just sitting there. She takes over things like bathing. And it doesnt help that my hub pass evything to her regarding baby.

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You can talk to your mil about it! As for me, my mil usually will take the initiative to help me to put my lo to sleep / bathe / feed because she didn’t want to tire me out after a full day of work. Maybe she doesn’t mean any harm? Communication is the key!

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