My Son turns 5month! His first starting solid food.

Hi mummies, love to share recipes for baby food? I gave him cerelac.😊🌈

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Hi dr, pls try to avoid packed food items like cerelac, better to give home made foods like raggi porridge, smashed veggies or fruit puree, wheat porridge like dat,home made foods will helps to improve ur baby's immune system. I never tried any packed ones for both my kids, they are healthy now😍

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Mashed avocado Mashed apples/pear(can steam it to soften) mashed banana lentil soup mashed boil potato/carrot/pumpkin/broccoli mashed berries (blueberry/strawberry/raspberry etc.) 🥑🍓🍒🫐🥕🥦

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Hey Syida! Fruits are great first foods! Try mashing avocado, banana, even strawberries!