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Hello mummies! What is the difference if I go poly to get referral letter to KKH and to self administered to KKH itself? Or will it be the same? Been trying to book a slot at poly but it’s always no slots! >.

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Hey! You gotta book 10pm the night before on health hub app. You gotta fight for the slot. Try to be on the page by 958pm so you can quickly make your booking by 10pm. Sometimes the page glitch due to overwhelming booking response so you gotta refresh the page and it'll take time. If you get referral from poly, it'll be subsidized. Whereas, if you self refer, highly unlikely, it won't be subsidized. You can still do walk in but the waiting time is madness. I made poly booking at 810am and there were 7 pax infront of me. I suggest you try your luck by making appointment. Hope this helps. All the best!

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I walked in to polyclinic. The registration counter gave me an afternoon slot but I couldn't make it, so she scheduled one for me that is the following day. Polyclinic referral to KKH is subsidised rate but if you self-administer is not subsidised.

I had no choice but to book for a slot that is one week later as that was the earliest they have. You can try see other polyclinic too! Referral is a need to be a subsidised patient at Kkh, which I feel really save a lot of costs.

Hi, I emailed to polyclinic of my choice for a slot as the slots are always full. u let them know that u r preg, they gave me an appt of my chosen date.

I was referred from GP clinic to kkh, they will the write the form for u n set appt with kkh for u as well. I'm a subsidize patient at kkh now

2mo ago

yeap I'm subsidiesed by getting referral letter from polyclinic first.

u can try to book it early in the morning around 7.30am on the day itself onwards, once they open the system. Thats how i book for mine.

If you opt for private, you can go straight to KKH. If you want subsidized, you NEED poly referral. ☺️

If you go through polyclinic, you get subsidized rates. But if you go directly to kkh, it’ll be private rates.

2mo ago

you would need to get another referral from poly again to be subsidized

Go online early morning close to 8am to get your slot. U should be able to yr slot on the very same day.