Washing of hair during confinement

Mummies, what did you use to wash your hair during confinement (besides shampoo). Chinese usually uses ginger water to shower. 1. Do you use ginger water to wash your hair? 2. Do you use normal water? 3. Buy those herbal pack from herbal shop?

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Super Mum

Bought herbal package ftom Lao Ban Niang

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Warm water with herbs, can get from tcm

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Boiled herbal packed with lemongrass

Lukewarm water with herbs

I will use herbal bath


Just normal warm water

Warm water with herbs

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I only washed at day 30😂

2y ago

My confinement nanny + mil was super strict and I was super tired from recovery and didn’t have the energy to fight back 😂 I went to the salon to wash on day 30. It was a goooooood wash man!

Super Mum

Herbs and ginger

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herbal bathe