Hi. Just curious any Chinese still following traditional Chinese confinement rules. - not to touch tap water. Use only boiled water. - not to stay under fans. - wear long pants throughout whole confinement period - not to wash hair. How often u wash?

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My first child I followed the rules including diet as I got a nanny (pre-covid). Second I relied on helper so didnt get nanny. I started washing hands quite often and had to take care of toddler. My hands joint very pain now, 6 months post partum. I just know next child Ill get nanny and not touch water so often. I tried my very best 2 weeks no hair washing for first child, second I washed after 1st week, i got herbs for bath. Aircon throughout the month. Those catered confinement meals arent as good as nanny’s, very mild. Not traditional enough so probably thats why body is weaker.

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Hi! I didn’t get confinement nanny so I split the tasks with my hubby. - Used tap water to wash baby bottles and also hands before preparing milk for baby - we have AC on whole day and night lol but I ended up getting exposed to wind as I helped to hang clothes to dry after the first week - I started my confinement with long sleeve and pants but ended with short sleeve / sleeveless and shorts - I wash my hair everyday with herbs but I washed it with hot water and dry it with the highest temperature on my hair dryer (will never do this again as it’s super damaging to my hair)

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I wash things so I did touch tap water. I wore t shirts and shorts daily. Air con when I'm pumping topless. Hair I try not to wash often. First 2 weeks I only wash 2 times after going out (covid now feel not hygienic if nv wash). After that I got post natal massage the lady put oil on my head so I wash every time after. I feel that if your body feels OK already then no need to follow so closely. I feel better after 2 weeks so now I didn't even blow hair dry after washing.

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I used hot water to put my herbs in there.. hahaha and bathe.. i only dry my hair with towel (obviously not dry enuf). We have the aircon on whole day and i only wear t shirt n fbt shorts to sleep. When i pump, i strip my top and expose to aircon because i didnt get nursing tops 😂😂 I started washing the bottles and dishes some time during my confinement..

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I don't feel anything during first pregnancy, second pregnancy I washed hair regularly with herbs water since first week and then body felt cool, weak and pain everywhere. avoid water for first week (except face and hand). use dry shampoo if needed. aircond is fine as long no wind blow directly on you. keep yourself warm

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hubby dun allow so i only wash my hair 2 or 3 days after with boil water n herb and also have my massage wrap so didn't wash daily..have aircon on all day with short sleeves and shorts...but have to wash everything by myself till my hands are in pain so try not to wash too much with ur hands

I didn't really follow 🤭 °washed my hair every 2-3days with herbs bath °wear shorts and bra top only °washing everything by myself with tap water cause no helper no CN °24/7 with 2 fan direct blow to me & AirCond at night

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7mo ago

hahha. thanks. all these myths really driving ppl nuts if following strictly. 🤣

I have a confinement nanny so will get the herb bath if she prepares. Completely heck caring on the other rules, crawling into bed with oily hair in this weather feels disgusting...

I shower as n when I like, don't have that much time n energy to shower everyday. I stay in fan all the time, SG so hot how to not?? Wear whatever I felt comfy in, really very hot

just ended my confinement. kinda difficult for me to follow these rules. washed my hair every alternate day using warm water and blowing hair dry after.