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Hi, any mummies was told @ wk 31 that amniotic fluid is at border line? borderline 6, mine was 6.1... anyone have any idea how to increase amniotic fluid?

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Resting in bed or on the couch (except to go to the bathroom or shower) may help improve blood flow to the placenta, which in turn helps increase amniotic fluid. Bedrest is most likely to be advised if you're in your second or early third trimester and your doctor hopes to wait before delivering your baby.

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Start taking coconut water, maybe 2x a week. Coconut water is cooling, don’t take to 3-4x until u are at around 34-36 weeks.. Just take the water not the meat.. It will help increase the amniotic fluid, suggested by nurses at hospital.

I had that and was hospitalized for 5days, AFI went up but when i got home 2 weeks, my AFI went down gain.. was asked to induced at 37weeks exactly. Drink more water and rest more

Certain food will decrease amniotic fluid, need to take note when eating certain herbs or food, can Google what are those and avoid them.

Me too.. At 32 weeks my AFI is 7.5.. Trying to increase by drinking coconut water everyday (as advised by gynae)

Hi, Please have proper bed rest and keep your body hydrated. Have more coconut water, juices etc.

Did u managed to increase your amniotic fluid at the end?

increase your fluid intake sis if kaya 2-3l a day heheh

Bed Rest and hydrated yourself more

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Coconut water, water and rest