Plus size mummies, how much weight do you gain every week?

I am gaining 0.6kg every week since week 19. I don’t know if I am on the right track . I am overweight currently 88.5kg and I am 1.6m.. I don’t know if I am doing things right or I need to cut down 😭#advicepls #firstbaby #FTM #firstmom

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Don't worry abt it. I'm less than 1.6m and at my heaviest now 92kg at 37 weeks! Despite not eating much (no appetite that sometimes i only eat 1 meal a day), still gained weight and gynae kept telling me to lose but how the heck can I do that now?! so I focus more on my baby who used to be under average in the 2nd tri in terms of measurements but now alr 3.3kg at 37 weeks.. My firstborn was born at 3.8kg. No GD but I think my weekly teh tarik perhaps increase my and baby's weight 😅 So perhaps u can try ro reduce sugar and carbs if u haven't.

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7mo ago

I am starting to cut sugar I hope I can … I crave for all sorts of sour gummies 🙃

Seek your doctors advice.