What's your Weight gain at wk 20?

Hi, I'm 19weeks preggy atm. Realise I have only gained 1.5 -2kg since week 9.. NUH didn't book my 16th week apptment. Hence just waiting for 20weeks scan. What's your weight gain? I have tummy shown, quite obvious, but not much weight gain..

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I only started gaining weight at 3rd trim when i have my appetite back and energy. I lost my weight during 1st - 2nd trim. Some people never even gain weight during pregnancy bt bb is healthy

i lost weight in 1st tri. only started gaining from 2nd tri when i have better appetite. now i gain abt 1.5kg per mth. am 27 weeks now. so dont worry :)

Gained about 1-2kg since the start of pregnancy at Wk 20 as I lost weight from morning sickness in 1st and early 2nd tri.

I gained 1kg by week 20.. but after that .. I gained quite abit.. I am 26 weeks and gained total of 4kg..

thank you all for the replies. feel more at ease now