Wake up wide awake & feeling the baby the moment u wake up

Any mummies wake up feeling wide awake? It is a maternal animal instinct thing to protect from predators... no matter how little I sleep or how much I sleep I wake up super wide awake.. unlike in the past where you feel like sleeping in longer, can't open your eyes, brain haven't start functioning 😅 it's like alert mode.. Also!! I noticed everytime I wake up I immediately feel my womb and certain sides would feel hard, is it the baby positioning 🤣 ? after I wake up and leave my bed my womb becomes soft again haha

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ya oddly I feel my belly smtime is hard like filled up & smtime like flabby empty😅

1mo ago

Okay then I think it's really the baby ahhahah sometimes I feel it in the middle or the sides but it doesn't stay hard throughout 🤣