Baby kicking much more and harder in the morning

Hi mommies, I am in week 26. I notice my baby has bigger movement and have hard kicks in the morning the moment I am awake… I feel gentler kicks throughout the day.. I start wondering if , does baby know when I am awake? Otherwise how is he so active when I wake up in the morning. 😅 I am curious to know as I am a late sleeper, I hope my sleep do not affect my baby’s sleep or development 🙃 #firsttimemom #firstmom #firstbaby

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your sleep will not affect your baby's sleep cycle unless you are blasting loud music or dancing away 😅 I find my baby is also quite active when I wake up, I think could be because I start moving position (like maybe when I flip over to my back or when I sit up/stand up). we feel the kicks stronger when we just wake up also because we are more aware at that time, other times when we are working/doing things throughout the day we are not so aware. kicks also feel more obvious when lying down as compared to when we are standing up. I call my baby's morning kicks as morning exercise 😆 I dont think baby knows your brain is awake/your eyes are open, but they sense by your movements.

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