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Hi mummies, usually how many weeks will your gynae recommend you to induce? I'm 39 weeks at my next appt..

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my gynae too asked me to induce on the night of my edd but there is no complication coz he feel baby shld come out on the edd. my edd is exactly week 40 day 1. but i have no intention to induce too. because induce may mean body is not ready to dilate and the labour process may takes even longer. my hub doesnt seem to understand. i feel induce doesnt mean it will come out smoothly or planned

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Induction of preg is only if necessary (esp when health condition of mother or child is concerned). Gynaes typically would (and i feel, should) not recommend freely.

To be induce depends on your situation dear. If there are no complications whatsoever, its best to just wait for baby to come naturally. Best to consult ur gynae.

at 39+5days last appt, doctor told me to come 2 days after (40weeks exact) to be induced as i havent dilate and tho baby is head down, baby still high up.

Mine induced at 39 weeks cause of decreased fetal movement. But do check with your gynae for the best advice!

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mine was done at kkh during week 37 because of my complicated medical conditions. And my baby is born healthy :D

I was induced at 38 weeks because of reduced fetal movement. Baby is born healthy and happy though. (:

I was induced at 39 weeks and 5 days in which my cervix did not dilate, it led to emergency CSec

38 weeks. I'm not tall and Baby too big. So gynae scared baby cnt come out.

Mine induce on 38 weeks because I had GD. Baby is big. Have to let her out