Imani I2+

Hi mummies, those of u who BF-ed for longer than 6mths or any EP mummies, is the Imani I2+ sufficient to help maintain supply & empty boob sufficiently? I am 2mths PP with my second child, currently direct latching n maybe manual pump once a week(?) to clear if baby didn't clear enough. I have intentions to BF for more than a year. Previously with my first, I was EP as she couldn't latch, I used spectra for a good 3-4 months & then switched to loveamme for up till she was 11mo when I weaned as I had oversupply, she was fed BM up till she was 18mths. This time round baby could latch on well & hence I got lazy to pump 😂 I only did so in the initial days & already have a small freezer stash. I bought a manual pump & the Imani for when I start pumping soon & was wondering if that'll be sufficient to help maintain supply if I stop latching

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i don’t use it regularly but as a spare pump, but i would think it doesn’t clear as well as spectra, but good enough for occasional pumping